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Adjustable beds

Australian Made Liberty Adjustable Beds are designed to give you the ultimate in comfort, rest, relief and support in the privacy of your home. Unlike ordinary flat beds, Adjustable Beds support the natural curves of your body without causing muscle strain or discomfort. At the touch of a button, our beds adjust into relaxing and comfortable positions to support your head, neck and shoulders, upper and lower back, hips, thighs, legs and feet, allowing your muscles to relax. Your body's weight is distributed evenly so you are able to breathe easily. The relaxing contoured positions you are able to assume give you more than just a good night's sleep. Temporary relief from . Hiatus Hernia . Back Problems . Poor Circulation . Arthritis . Emphysema . Asthma . Hip Problems . Leg Cramps . Parkinson's . Heart Problems . Rheumatism