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There are many accessories available for use with walkers such as walking stick holders, cup holders, carry bags, oxygen bottle holders, replacement wheels and glides, and replacement handgrips.

Quad Pod

A unique pod that fits to the bottom of most walking sticks, which provides better contact with the ground and allows the walking stick to stand on its own upright.


Cup & Cane Holder

Attaches to most wheelchairs, walkers and rollators.




Glides or Ski’s

A number of different sized and styled ski’s or glides are available to put on your walking frame.

Exercise Pedal

Assists greater muscle tone through increased movement. Can be used with the feet or placed on a table for arm exercise. Great for aerobic exercise at home.

NO: 32RPE101

Walking stick holders

Attaches to a rollator in 2 places to secure a walking stick to the Rollator frame

No: 4511

Other Accessories

Other accessories such as, Oxygen Bottle holders, replacement ski’s and glides, carry baskets can all be added to your walker frames.