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Daily living aids

Assorted Aids

Specialised cutlery, kitchen gadgets to remove vacuum lids off jars, tap turners, plate surrounds, specialised drinking vessels, long handled items, button and zip aids, magnifying sheets, stocking and sock aids, key turners are just a few of the products on hand.

One Touch Jar Opener

The One Touch Automatic Jar Opener will open stubborn lids at the touch of a button. No twisting, no pulling, no pain, the Jar Opener is ideal for people with weak or infirm hands-simply fit over the lid and let the One Touch do the hard work. Suitable even for new factory sealed jars. Requires 2 x AA batteries. Not supplied.


One Touch Can Opener

The innovative hands free One Touch automatic can opener can open most cans between 53mm and 153mm diameter. The opener “walks” around the can and switches itself off automatically, leaving an easy to remove lid with no sharp edges. Perfect for seniors or anyone with weak hands. Requires 2 x AA batteries- not supplied


One Touch Twizoff Bottle Opener

The One Touch Twizoff Automatic Bottle Opener is suitable for either metal or plastic screw top bottle caps up to 55mm in diameter. Its rubber jaws adjust automatically to the lid size and will break seals and open caps with a smooth, effortless motion. Easy to use, store and clean, the One Touch bottle opener is perfect for people with weak or infirm hands.Requires batteries, not included.


Uccello Kettle

The effortless ‘power steering” pour action of the Uccello Kettle was designed using the unique Power Pour Technology. The kettle’s non weight bearing ‘tilt and pour’ action from the ergonomically designed handle directs hot water to the fixed position of the cup, without removing the Kettle from it’s cradle. The weighted base of the kettle arcs on a rotating axis to deliver hot water safely and steadily every time.


Caring Cutlery

Stainless steel utensils moulded into contoured, ivory coloured plastic handles with built-up ends. These are of value to those with a weak restricted grip or finger movement. The knife and fork have a shaped indent on the top for th eindex finger, to help with directional control. The knife also has a serrated blade to assist with cutting. In addition to the standard spoon, there is a right angled spoon with an dangled handle to minimise wrist movement.Dishwasher safe.


Kings Modular Cutlery

A range of modular items- knives & forks, rocker knives, angled knives,splayed, angled right and left forks.

Kings modular handles

Standard handle, contoured handle, small grip, large grip, oval grip. Lightweight handles, heavy weight handles, handles with straps

Specialized Cutlery

Soft spoons in 2 sizes. Narrow, shallow bowl makes them ideal for feeding therapy. Packs of 10

920273 / 74

Queens Cutlery

A range of stainless steel utensils mounted into a built up plastic handle to help those with a weak or restricted grip. The handle is cylindrical to assist with gripping. Dishwasher safe. Handle length 100mm. Handle diameter 30mm

Rocker Knife

Ideal for people with upper extremity weakness or limited wrist movement

Medici Plate

Deeply dished plate to assist with picking up food. Kightweight and stackable. Made from scratch resistent polycarbonate. Dishwasher & microwave safe


Manoy Plate

Available in two sizes- oval malamine plate. Designed for one handed use or for those with who have difficulty picking up food with utensils.Sloping base and one high sided end helps user to scoop up food without spilling it over the side. Not suitable for microwave use. Dishwasher safe. Small 220mm x 160mm, Large 280mm x 200mm.

No: 9115610, 9115612

Caring Mug

Clear plastic mug, useful for those with tremor or who cannot sit upright. Removeable lid with spout. Two large and angled handles enables the mug to be held in the correct position for drinking. Wide stable base, microwave safe. Not suitable for dishwasher use.

No: 9115710

Medici Cup

Polycarbonate mug, plastic handles can be inseted into fluted slots on the outside of the mug in positions best suited to the user. Microwave safe, dishwasher safe


Two handled plastic mug

Durable plastic mug, two handles enable the mug to be easily held in the correct position for drinking. Supplied with two lids; one for anti-spill and one with a drnking spout. Mug only is dishwasher safe. Not suitable for microwave use.

No: 9115720

Long handled style brush

Extended handle brush for those who cannot get their hands up to their head easily.

Long handled comb

Extended handle on comb gives extra length to enable people to comb their hair easily.


Leg Lifter

Enables the user to move an immobile leg when transferring or dressing. Upper loop fits around the hand and wrist, and lower stiffened loop slides over the foot or shoe.

No: 9118620

Dressing stick

Assists in the process of dressing and removing garments

No: 9114680

Button hook

Assists with one handed dressing, or for those with arthritic fingers in doing up buttons. Stainless steel wire passes through button hole, gripping the button and pulling back through the button hole.

No: 9114677

Shoe horns

A variety of shoe horns are available. Plastic, fexible metal and stiff metal. All with extended handles


Elastic Shoe laces

Elasticised shoe laces assist in slipping shoes on and off without undoing the laces

No: 9114612

Stocking aid

A light weight flexible plastic gutter to assist in putting on socks or stockings

No: 9114652

Sock Aid

Stocking aid to assist those who are having difficulty bending or reaching. A flexible fabric gutter assists in putting on socks or stockings

No: 9114653

Compression stocking aid

A unique plastic gutter to qassist in pulling on comression stockings. Designed for those who have difficulty in bending and reaching. Side grooves hold the stockings securely. Compression stockings are placed over the gutter then pulled into position over the feet. Cord then pulls the stockings into place onto the leg.

No: 91175440/41

Kettle Tipper

Designed to assist in pouring boiling water without having to lift the weight of a jug or kettle. Pivots on a raised wire frame. Two models, one for corded kettles and one for cordless kettles.

No: 10065771/

Belliclamp jar and bottle opener

Assists one handed opening of jars and bottles. Made from moulded plastic with non slip feet and rubber lining. Device hooks over the edge of a benchtop and jar or bottle is placed in the V. Object is clamped by the plastic sliding arm, which can be pushed with the stomach or hip, leaving both hands free to twist the lid. Suitable for jars up to 120mm diameter.


Reflex Knife system

This range of knives have a lightweight closed handle with blades set an an angle that minimises wrist movement. The handle which has finger contours for better grip has been designed to counter balance the weight of the utensil. The sawing action is particularly useful for arthritis sufferers.Range includes bread slicing knife, Preparation knife with serrated edge, carving knife with scalloped edge, chefs knife with a smooth edge,and a carving fork.

No: 100065240Y,100065245Y

Food Preparation System

Durable injection moulded cutting board. Ideal for those whio have difficulty gripping, or only have the use of one hand. Clamp fixes items such as tins, bowls or food items. Stainless steel spikes hold vegetables while cutting or peeling. Four non slip rubber feet and suction pads provided for secure use. 320mmx 300mm

Spread board

Assists one handed spreading of bread. L shaped lip in one corner holds bread in place. Non slip rubber feet provided for secure use

Twister Jar Opener

Assists opening of jars and bottles. Cone shaped rubber moulding with fluted finger grips. Ribbing on the inside provides grip for opening jar lids. Suitable for lids 20-85mm.

No: 9115000

Homecraft reacher

Variety of lengths available. Assists in retreiving or reaching a wide variety of items in the home or garden. Rubber lined jaws move simultaneously providing more controlled grip. Magnet on head for retreival of pins etc Aluminium and plastic construction.


Suction grip reacher

Reacher with suction grip end that will pick up very small items such as pills. Excellent for people who have difficulty bending to pick up items from the floor.

No: 2001

Blue Phone

A large easy to use phone, with hands free capability. Large numbers and speed dial memory functions provides the user with quick access to family and friends. Also has an emergency pendant which when pushed can cause the phone to call up to 8 preset phone numbers with a message that “assistance is required”.Especially suitable when family and friends are available to help. Emergency service number can also be added to the list when there is no one else to assist.

No: 103

Blue Phone Pendant

Emergency pendant for use with the Blue Phone

Bridge Medical Suction Rail

Medical grade suction rails in fixed and telecoping sizes. Rated to 80kg pull pressure.

Toilet support rail

Rail lifts out of the way when not in use. Various options available such as toiulet roll holder, extra leg to floor for added strength etc

Bridge Medical Suction rail- Telescoping

A variety of suction rails are available in fixed length or telecoping.Medical grade

Rope Ladder Hoist

Assists the user in sitting up in bed. Plastic ladder rungs can be gripped using a hand over hand movement. Cord end ties around bed legs. Suitable for single or double beds.

No: 9113660

Scrub mate bath sponge

To assist in washing while showering or bathing , absorbent sponge, plastic build up handle. Long handle eliminates need for bending.

No: 32YDL601

Toe Washer

For washing or drying between toes. Plastic built up handle for easier grip. Long wire stem eliminates need for bending. white towelling pad can be removed for washing, spare pad included


Suction nail brush

Suction nail brush assists nail or denture cleaning. Ideal for one handed use. Strong nylon bristles. Fitted with two suction cups which can be mounted to a smooth surface.

No: 100061881

Bottom wiper

Bottom wiper- extended handle assists in bottom wiping

No: 100062650

Hair washing tray

A variety of hair washing trays are available. Black moulded plastic for use over a sink. Either contoured plastic or inflatable basin is available for use in bed.

Easi Grip toe nail scissors

Surgical steel scissors have strong serrated cutting blades and elongated handles with finger holes to cut through the toughest of nails. Blades are angled upwards

No: 10066766Y

Key Turner

Built up handle provides better grip and leverage for turning keys. Key is held in by a screw fitted through the hole in the key. Key can be folded down into handle when not in use. Available for 1 or 2 keys

Tap Turners

Provides leverage in turning cross handle taps. Hooks over existing taps, strong moulded plastic. Supplied as red and blue pair for hot and cold taps.

No: 9116200

Handy Bar

Handle inserts into the “U” bolt of the car centre pillar. Enables passenger to grip and assist them getting in and out of vehicles

No: 9113950

Clothing Protector Bib

Multi coloured lap protecting bibs with waterproof backing. Press stud fastening


Sheet magnifier

Flexible plastic sheet magnifies large areas of print. Lightweight and inexpensive

No: 9117250

Needle threader

Assists user in threading needles. Ideal for people with poor eye sight. Needle is placed in the special duct and thread is laid in the groove. The lever is then pushed and needle is threaded.

No: 9117110

Pen and pencil holders

Assists in the grip and control of writing. Soft flexible PVC. Supplied as pack of 3.

NO; 9117200

Patient handling belt

Excellent for assisting patients with walking or transferring. 4 padded grip handles and velcro fastening. 2 sizes. small-medium, medium-large

No: 9700, 9701


Quality plastic raisers used to increase the height of a bed, chair or table. Ideal for persons who have difficulty standing up from a bed or chair. Suitable for use after hip or knee surgery. Designed to stack for greater heights. Increased height by 40mm. Recess diameter 65mm, maximum load 250kg per 4

No: 9113304

Elephant feet raisers

Available in either 90mm or 140mm heights. Set of 4. Weight capapcity 380 kg per 4. Supplied with non slip rubber insert.

No: 9113300/3302