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Electric scooters/chairs

Electric Wheelchairs

Nth Degree Care carry the Sunrise and Karma range of electric wheelchairs. Compact folding electric wheelchairs, compact pull apart wheelchairs that can fit in the car boot to all terrain vehicles are available. Choosing an electric wheelchair need not be a daunting task. Our trained staff can assist you in choosing the right wheelchair that will meet your needs for today and tomorrow. The users weight, ability to transfer, amount of use the chair will get, the terrain the chair will be used on, the requirement to be transportable, the need for seat and or back recline functions, the need for specialised seating for pressure reduction are just some of the things we will need to know to ensure you get the right chair.

Karma KP-25.2

Folding and ultra-lightweight with comfortable seat upholstery. Designed to provide easy access and removable batteries, making transport even more convenient. Flip back and height adjustable arm rests, user weight capacity 115kg, Approx 30km per charge, 6km/hr speed.

No: wck25.2

Sunrise Aspire M11/F11

The Quickie Aspire is available in both a full size and a mini size base. With excellent top speeds the Quickie Aspires’ independent suspension enables you to climb obstacles up to 2.5inches in comfort. These chairs offer centre wheel drive providing the user more intuitive control by positioning them over the drive wheels. Numerous options are available to customize the chair such as either standard seating or customized seating, seat tilt, power seat lift, controller options and enhanced recline functions.

Sunrise Quickie Rhythm

The Quickie® Rhythm™ is one of the most advanced power chairs in today’s marketplace. Features like 6-Form Suspension™ and Leveler™ technology provide superior comfort when traveling over rough terrain. The Rhythm also features a group of sophisticated seating systems, such as the ASAP™ seating system with SPO backrests, that are specifically designed for complex clinical power seating applications. The result: a comprehensive modular approach that combines performance with flexibility

Quickie Groove

The Quickie Groove RWD base is an excellent choice for users most comfortable with the performance of a rear wheel drive base: stability, terrain handling , and ease of driving at higher speeds. When coupled with the Quickie Rhythm (a mid-wheel drive), the two chairs provide two different drive-wheel combinations (mid-wheel and rear-wheel), both capable of connecting with either a standard Rehab seating system or the Perfect Fit® seating system. The result: a modular approach that offers multiple options.

Sunrise Quickie S525

Modularity is the essence of the Quickie® S-525. Custom build this chair from the ground up. Start with the power base, and then select the most appropriate seating options according to the rider’s needs. The Quickie® S-525’s modular design allows it to fit a person’s body and their lifestyle.