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Forearm walkers

Forearm walkers provide a lot more walking support to a person as the arm from the wrist to the elbow is supported on a platform called a gutter. The persons weight is supported by their arms. Forearm walkers can be fitted with 4 castors/wheels or 2 wheels and glides.

Forearm walker

EzyWalker Forearm Walker

Provides additional support for those who have difficulty walking. A few models are available including folding and non folding models. A choice of either 4 castors or 2 castors and 2 glides is available. Frame width 600mm, frame depth 640mm, forearm gutter height 820-1200mm. User weight capacity 80kg

No: 9112200-15

Forearm walker- with basket and brakes

Height adjustable forearm walker- Folds to carry in a car. Adjustable padded armrests, brakes,basket and seat tray for carrying items.


Walking Tutor

Provides additional support for those who have difficulty walking. Supplied with 4 castors as standard. Frame width 630mm, depth 810mm, forearm gutter height 890-1270mm, user weight capacity 100kg.


No: 9112700 / 32PA65

Tray Trolley Walker

Mobile Frame provides assistance for those with restricted mobility. Excellent for indoor use. 2 removable trays to assist with transporting household items such as dinner plates. Adjustable height legs, fitted with 4 wheels or 2 wheels and 2 glides. Maximum user weight 100kg



No: 9112300 / 646582