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Nth Degree Care carries the Abena Sanicare range of incontinence products. Numerous sizes and absorbency levels available from 200mL to 5.3 litres. In addition there is a number of fixation garments that can assist in the wearing of incontinence pads.

Chair pads

Absorbent chair pads available in 3 colours. Waterproof backing. Capacity 500mls. Australian made. May be machine washed and tumble dried.

Boss 40 bed pads

Absorbing bed pads 2500mL capacity. Complete with waterproof backing and cotton tuck in side flaps. Available in Single, King Single, Double and Queen sizes. Machine washable and tumble dry. Australian made.


Abri Man

Specifically designed to fit the male genitalia. Abena Abri Man pouch pads offers a discreet, comfortable and easy to use solution for light to moderate incontinence. The waterproof textile like backing and thermo sealed edges provides security, as does the tape that holds the pad firmly in place. Available in 2 sizes- Abri Man 1 -450mL and Abri Man 2 -700mL

No: 5

Abri Flex

Abri Flex is a soft absorbent, flexible textile like disposable pant. Worn just like ordinary underwear, the cotton like surface makes little noise, enhancing the wearer’s feeling of freedom and dignity. The elastic waistband adapts to each wearer’s size to ensure perfect fit and high comfort level. The side seams can be torn open, allowing for easy removal and disposal. Features: High comfort, dignity and maximum security. Available in 4 waist sizes with capacities of 1500mL to 2200mL

No: 5

Abri San Pads

Abri San pads are available in absorption capacities from 200mL up to 3400mL. The Air Plus range has a special breathable textile backsheet rather than a plastic liner, reducing skin irritation. Abri San pads are designed to be worn inside your own underwear. Up to 800mL pads have an adhesive strip to secure to underwear. Capacities from 1200mL upwards require special fitting underwear. There are 12 different capacities available to ensure the right one for you.

Abri Form

Abri Form is a full range of all in one briefs for all degrees of incontinence, from light to very heavy. The products are available in various sizes and absorbency levels to meet individual needs. Abri Form briefs are provided with refastenable tapes for fitting and are particularly suitable for highly demanding situations.Anatomic fit, high security and reduced leakage, elastic waistband, leakage barrier, discreet white backing with stripe colour coding for improved identification and product selection. White backing facilitates wetness indicator reading. Odour system for reduced unpleasant odours. Capacities range from 1400mL to 4000mL and 5 waist sizes.

No: 5

Abri Wing

Abri Wing combines security and comfort with a unique sense of freedom for the user. The product is ideal for people on rehabiltation programs, wheelchair users and those who can manage continence themselves. High barriers provide maximum security and comfort, while the wings minimise pressure on the skin, allowing it to breathe. The waistband is elasticised for a snug, comfortable fit. Features- soft elastic borders, elastic waistband, adjustable velcro closure, highly absorbent core. Available in 2 sizes Waist 65-100cm 2300mL capacity, Waist 85-120cm capacity 3000mL

No: 5