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Adjustable beds

Liberty Frames & Motors

Liberty Bed Frames

The Liberty steel frame covers the entire base of the bed, which allows maximum support where ever you sit. All our raw materials are approved to internationally recognised standards. All parts are quality checked and robot welded ensuring that your Liberty bed is the best you can buy. All parts are put through a nine tank pre-treatment line (100% cover), the steel is degreased, rinsed and “zinc phosphate” treated, rust proofed and powder coated.
All parts are then assembled using zinc plated bolts with nylock nuts and special strength “bulblock” rivets to fasten. All moving parts use a fibre washer to prevent scratching or excessive wear. Open ends are capped with plastic plugs to prevent contamination.

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Liberty electric adjustable bed motors

Our motors are completely sealed so there is no oiling or lubrication needed. Also, sealed motors keep out dust and dirt which can cause the premature wear of parts.
Liberty healthcare uses the world famous Linak motor which complies with Australian Standards.

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