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Examining the problem of the human development, scientists and medical experts learned that the spine is "S" shaped which lends flexibility to body movement and absorbs horizontal body pressure. It also helps maintain the body alignment. Further study also tells us that each vertebra is held in its proper place by three different kinds of soft tissue-discs, ligaments, and muscles. Almost all back problems are related to the dysfunction of one of these three. Through constant activity the body becomes exhausted and therefore the ultimate relaxation is quality sleep which can only be obtained from a premium mattress. The mattress must support the natural curves of the spine as if in a standing position. It should also help relax muscle and rejuvenate blood circulation. Exceedingly firm or extremely soft mattress can cause sleeping deprivation and backache. The Liberty Healthcare innerspring mattress uses double offset coil construction: what this means is that each row of coils is hinged allowing for easier bending with a minimum of bulging. The use of Comfort Zone Centre Core gives us the ultimate in Spring Mattress Support. This features firmer springing in the center of the mattress where most of the body weight is, thus giving more support where it is needed.

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