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Adjustable beds


All Liberty Healthcare latex mattresses are made with the finest Malaysian latex.100% Pure Latex is the ultimate adjustable bed mattress. It conforms and supports the body ergonomically without resisting body weight but instead welcoming it.

Latex Mattress

Nothing beats the natural feel of Latex
Nothing has the feel and support of pure, natural latex rubber. For years it has been known to be the most supportive, durable, and luxurious sleep surface available. Latex conforms to the shape of your body, providing incredible comfort and outstanding orthopedic support.

A Latex mattress is optional on all Liberty beds
Natural is Healthier
Naturally breathable, anti microbial and dust mite resistant, latex foam is also ideal for allergy sufferers. Being mildew proof it also performs excellently in warmer living climates. And, when it comes to keeping you in the temperate zone, latex foam is more breathable than any synthetic foam. Its unique pincore construction keeps you warmer in winter and cooler in the summer.

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Latex Benefits

Made from natural latex (the indigenous milky juice of rubber trees)
Latex foam is durable and will last more than 20 years
No noise/disturbance when one partner moves in the bed during sleep
Latex beds are hygienic and have medicinal properties (great for hay fever, asthma etc)
Natural latex foam does not harbor insects such as dust mites.
The cell structure of latex provides self-ventilation giving luxurious comfort
Latex retains its shape and does not sag
The recovery properties of natural latex are “excellent and unmatched” owing to the inherent properties of high resilience found only in Natural Rubber

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