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Orthopaedic footwear

Mens and Ladies

There is a large range of shoes available. We select the correct LAST for your feet, then determine the correct width. Then we decide with you the look of the shoe and the design. Do you want a Leather? Or a Patent leather? Or a Suede? Or a Neoprene? Do you want holes punched thru the shoe in a particular design. Would you like a two tone colour? Laces or Velcro closure? We then have them made for you. This generally takes around 4 weeks.


Ladies Magdalena style. This style can be made on a number of different lasts utillising leather, suede, neoprene, stretch leather to name a few. A choice of laces or velcro closures, with 1, 2 or 3 straps


Lady style shoe that can be manufactured in leather, suede, neoprene or a combination of the above. The design can be fitted to a number of different ‘lasts” Designs with hole patterns can also be accomodated.

Marika boot

A soft boot style that can have laces or velcro closure. Available in leather, neoprene or suede.

No: 6

Themse shoe

Ladies shoe with slightly elevated heel. Available with laces or velcro. Choose leather or suede or neoprene.

nO: 6


Ladies shoe with single velcro closure. Available in leather, suede or neoprene.

Siska shoe

Ladies Siska style. Custom made shoe.

No: 6

Ithaka sandal

Ladies sandal with heel support. Velcro closures. Can accomodate your orthotics and available in leathers, suedes or patent leather.

Milena style

Ladies sandal with excellent heel and ankle support that still provides an open toe look and cooler feel. Available in your choice of leathers, suedes or neoprene. Also available with sling back design.

Silke style

Ladies Silke custom made shoe. Various colours, materials and styles

No: 6

Vithana Ladies Madonna

Ladies casual shoe

No: 6

Vithana Ladies Mandala

Ladies casual shoe

No: 6

Vithana Ladies Boot-Marsala

Ladies boot-Marsala

No: 6

Vithana Ladies Macarena

Ladies casual shoe

No: 6

Vithana Ladies Shoe

Ladies shoe-Mercedes

No: 6

Vithana Ladies boot-Medusa

Ladies boot-Medusa

No: 6

Mens Wolga shoe

Available in choice of leathers or suedes. Single, double velcro closure or laces available. Diabtic lining available

No; 6

Carsten Mens

Carsten mens shoe available with laces or vecro closure. Many leather choices including suede. Diabetic lining available

Clarence sandal- unisex

Unisex sandal with velcro closure. Available in leather or suede

No: 6

Lech shoe or boot

Available as a boot or a shoe. Choice of materials. Laces or velcro closure. Diabetic lining available.

Rhein shoe

Mens shoe with laces or velcro closure. Available in leather or suede. Diabetic lining available

No: 6

Vithana Mens Burgau

Mens casual shoe.

No: 6

Vithana Mens Dessau

Mens dress shoe

No: 6

Vithana Mens Ellingen

Mens casual boot

No: 6

Vithana Mens Grafenau

Mens casual shoe

No: 6

Vithana Mens Inzell

Mens dress boot

No: 6

Vithana Mens Dinkelsbuhl

Mens slipper

No: 6