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Orthopaedic footwear

Nordic Walking Shoes

Nth Degree Care also cater for those wanting a more serious walking shoe in the Rathgeber Nordic Walking Shoe and back support shoe range. Rathgeber health shoes, characterised, in particular, by an orthopaedic footbed which can be removed to accommodate your own orthotics provide a supportive and comfortable shoe for walking. Manufactured in Germany for over 80 years, these shoes are of the highest quality.

Helena Ladies nordic walking shoe

White leather and cream suede insert nordic walking shoe

No: 6

Porvoo ladies nordic walking shoe

Great style and looks in this deep walled walking shoe. Leather and suede

Diana Ladies Nordic walking shoe

Velcro closure walking shoe. Black leather

Rathgeber Mens Nordic walking shoe

Nordic walking shoe in leather

No: 6