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Daily living aids

Pressure Care

Nth Degree care carries a number of products to relieve pressure on various parts of the body.

Bed overlay

Medium pressure care- gel permeated shock absorbent foam. Memory foam contours to body shape to provide comfort and uniform pressure relief. Single, double and Queen size available

No: 9113201/a

Leg Relaxer

Quilted covererd foam contoured cushion used to elevate and support the legs.

No: 83111

Sheepskin products

A range of medical grade sheep skins are available for sitting or lying on. Provides natural warmth in winter and cool in summer. Available as heel protectors, elbow protectors, seat pad sizes, wheelchair covers in various colours.Australian made

No:801,802, 803, 8u04, 805, 806, 807, 808, 809

Bubble Overlay

Alternating pressure air overlay system. Assists in the prevention of pressure problems in low risk patients. Rows of air cell bubbles alternately inflate and deflate over a 10 minute cycle to assist user comfort and increase blood circulation. Quite operating pump hooks onto bed frame. Low running cost.

No: 911HB100

Alternating Pressure overlay system

Available in a variety of depths. 5” overlay or 8 inch mattress replacement system. Depth is dependent on the level of pressure care required.Rows of horizontal air cells alternately inflate and deflate over a 20minute cycle to assist in user comfort and increase blood circulation. CPR Valve incorporated in the mattress. Quiet operating pump hooks onto bed frame, low pressure indicator.

Heel Wedge

Memory foam pressure care heel wedge for across the lower end of the bed. Supports and elevates the heel from pressure

No: 1770214