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Daily living aids

Seat Cushions

There is a large number of seating cushions available and these are categorized into 4 different classes depending on the level of care required. It is often thought that when someone has pressure sores or sore red skin that they need something soft to sit on. However, this is more than often not what is needed. Skin under pressure tears easily which often leads to pressure ulcers. The ideal situation is to get a level of care that prevents these from occurring in the first place. This is a very generalized overview only. Should you have pressure sores then you should seek medical advice for treatment immediately. Comfort level Low level Medium Level and High Level

Memory Foam cushion

A variety of sizes are available in memory foam. This type of foam provides low level pressure care.Unique inner core of high density non memory foam protects cushion from bottoming out under continual use. Ideal for whelchairs, outdoor and indoor, office ,car. Absorbs shearing forces, reduces pressure on tissues.

No; 83835

EquaGel cushions

There are a number of cushions in the Equagel range, offering, low,medium and high level pressure care.
The Protector is 2 inches of patented EquaGelTM with a 1” trochanter bucket sculpted in for stability and comfort followed by a 1/2” stability foam base. 2” may not sound like much but every inch of EquaGelTM out performs three inches of foam. The Protector is intended for users at risk of pressure ulcers and is very comfortable.

No: P8-400027-2

Memory foam pressure relieving cushion

Diffuser pressure care cushion- available in either steri plus or durafab cover

No: 83209

Jay cushions

A large variety of seat cushions are available under the Jay banner. These range from low pressure care to very high pressure care and can be prescribed individually by a seating specialist and fitted to wheelchairs along with a range of back supports.

Jay cushions

Jay range of pressure care cushions

Posture wedge cushion

Various wedge cushions are available to raise the hips above the knees when seated. Particularly useful post hip replacement. Availabe in 3, 4 or 5 inch sizes


Wedge cushion with key hole cut out

Recommended in cases of post natal or post operative discomfort, haemorrhiods, bruised coccyx, and other potential afflictions involving this sensitve area


General Purpose Cushion

A general comfort multi purpose cushion

No: 833202

Wedge with Coccyx area removed

3” wedge cushion witth the coccyx area rremoved

No: 2202

Coccyx Cushion

Comfort level foam cushion with the rear part removed for reduction of pressure on the coccyx area.


Relief cushion- Latex ring

Ideal compound to diffuse and spread pressure. Anti bacterial, mould and dust free. Won’t sag or lose its shape.For post natal and post operative discomfort, haemorrhoids, bruised coccyx, and other painful afflictions.


Inflatable Rubber Ring

Inflatable rubber ring

No: 10063071