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Transit Wheelchairs

A transit wheelchair has small wheels at the rear and front of the wheelchair, necessitating that someone push the wheelchair for the user. The benefit of this wheelchair is that the weight of the chair is greatly reduced and the carer lifts a lot lighter chair when it needs to be placed in a vehicle. A number of transit model wheelchairs also have handbrakes on the rear handles which makes going down hills a lot easier with the use of brakes.

Karma Ergolite transit wheelchair

The ErgoLite transit wheelchair has Karma’s patented S-Ergo seating system which promotes pressure relief and helps prevent the user from slipping off the seat. The Ergo Lite has a double cross brace for strength, durability and quality.This ia almost the lightest wheelchair in the world, weighing in at just 7.8kg. Foldable backrest for easy transportation.Attendant handbrakes. 100kg user weight capacity.


Ergo 125 Transit Wheelchair

The Ergo 125 Transit weelchair is equipped withh the Karma S-Ergo shaped seat, which provides pressure relief and prevents the user from sliding forward. Made from Aircraft grade aluminium the frame breaks down to just 11kg. Attendant handbrakes, flip up arms, removeable and flipback leg rests.

No: WCKM-S125T-18

Vito Plus Transit Wheelchair

Lightweight transit wheelchair with swing away & removeable leg rests with heel loops, desk style arm rests, folding back, attendant handbrakes,and seat belt. Gross Weight 11.7kg, net weight 10.45 kg. User weight 110kg.


Breezy Ultra 4 Transit

The Sunrise Breezy Ultra 4 is a high strength, light weight aluminium wheelchair. Quick release wheels are standard which decreases the weight of the chair when placing in a vehicle. The arms are removable and height adjustable. The leg rests flip back and are removable. Jay seating range of products can be accommodated. Various seat width and depths are available Maximum user weight 113.4kg. Full profile Polyurethane tyres are standard. Frame weight 12kg

No: 11816

Shopper 12 Transit Wheelchair

Ultra light 11kg frame, attendant handbrakes, rear wheel locks, 19” seat width, safety lap belt, fold down backrest, swing away removable leg rests, height adjustable flip up footplates, padded armrests 100kg weight capacity.12” rear wheels, 8 inch front wheels


No: 670258

Karma Soma 800 Transit

Multi adjustable, quality, lightweight wheelchair. Swing away and detachable footrests. Flip back arm rests, adjustable seat height, attendant handbrakes, and lightweight aluminium frame. Various seat widths and depths available. Quick release pneumatic rear tyres. Maximum user weight 115kg


No: WC802q18T

Karma Eagle Transit

Lightweight, durable and reliable manual wheelchair. Comes standard with swing away and removable leg rests, swing back arms rests and quick release wheels. Double cross bracing for added strength, amputee rear axle settings. Maximum user weight 130kg standard. Optional 160kg Heavy duty version available. Adjustable for multiple seat heights

No: WC8520Q18T

Carequip Echo Plus Transit Wheelchair

Lightweight transit wheelchair, swing away leg rests, fixed armrests, attendant brakes, steel construction. User weight capacity 80kg, Net weight 11.2kg


Shopper 8 Transit Wheelchair

Ultra light 9kg frame, folding backrest, rear wheel locks, 17 inch seat width, safety lap belt, swing away removable leg rests, padded arm rests, 100kg weight capacity. 4 x 8inch wheels. Ideal indoor transit wheelchair.

No: 669397