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Walking sticks

An extensive range of walking sticks to assist all heights, weights and fashion statements is available to choose from. Wooden walking sticks with different handle designs, including carved animal heads, height adjustable aluminium in various colours, aluminium folding sticks, and Rehab handled sticks to name just a few. Florals, tapestries, tartans, stripes and checks are just a few of the colour patterns available. The Surefoot® and Surestep® walking sticks with platform bottoms are also stocked as is the worlds lightest walking stick the 120gm Graphite walking stick. Another excellent stick is the “Neverfall Cane®” a walking stick that self rights itself should it fall over. For more stability there is also a range of Quad sticks with varying base sizes available. Both Forearm or Canadian Crutches as well as underarm crutches are stocked with either standard or “cumfy” grips in small, medium, large and extra large sizes.

Walking sticks

A large range of walking sticks are available. Wooden sticks with various handle styles, aluminium adjustable sticks in various colours and patterns, folding walking sticks in lots of colours and sizes. There are even ultra light weight graphite sticks which weigh just 82grams.

Ultralite weight Graphite walking sticks

Graphite walking sticks are available in 4 different sizes. 76cm, 81cm, 86cm, 91cm.(Measure from ground to wrist for relevant length). These walking sticks weight only 82grams and have a user capacity of 100kg

No: 1000802

Surefoot walking stick

These walking sticks have a flat base that stays on the walking surface. These sticks are particularly well suited to uneven ground or sand.

Surefoot / Surestep walking sticks

The surefoot/surestep walking sticks are height adjustable as well as a choice of handle styles. Goose neck or T Handle. They are useful on uneven surfaces, stand up on their own and can be used on most bowling greens

No:1000800, 1000801, 1000803

Quad Sticks

Theses four pronged walking sticks are adjustable in height and have various size bases. They are usueful when more support than a standard walking stick is required. They are often used in pairs.


Walking Stick Seat

Walking stick with an integrated seat. Handle opens to provide a seating area. Durable canvas upholstery. Folds flat for storage and transportation. Seat size 410mm x 125mm

Tripod Rest Seat

A number of these seats are also available. Weight capacity 100kg. Walking stick part of seat is placed between the legs.

Shooting Sticks

Walking stick with an integrated seat. Handles fold open to provide a seating area. Height adjustable with spike or rubber tip option. Made in England. User weight capacity 100kg.

No: 911103/A/AR


Crutches are available in both underarm varieties and forearm (also referred to as Canadian crutches). Various sizes are available to accomodate most heights and weights. Canadian crutches also have different style handles. An ergonomic or ‘cumfy’ style handle is available which spreads the pressure across the entire hand rather than just through the middle portion. These are more suitable for persons who may use crutches for long periods of time.

Bowlers Ferrule

For walking stick or crutch use on bowling greens. Prevents damage to bowling green surface. Wide flexible 130mm base contours to surface area.

No: 911M222,23,24,25

Accessories-walking sticks

Walking stick replacement tips and crutch tips are all stocked.