Neck Support

Peanut cushion

The peanut cushion is the perfect travelling companion for adults and children alike. Its comfy shape containing a compressed polyfill inner will give great support on any journey or for simply using around the home. 

Versatile and offers support in a range of ways. Neck – Provides support in a variety of positions both on an angle or lying horizontally. Lower Back – Will provide lumbar support for any trip or just when being used at home. Upper Back – Maintains healthy posture through providing support exactly where you need it. Variety of other positions – Use under shoulder, between knee or at base of spine to give you comfort and support at any time. 

McKenzie Cervical Roll

The Original McKenzie Cervical Roll provides cervical spine support while promoting natural sleeping habits on the side or back. More affordable than an elaborate cervical pillow and more comfortable than a restrictive cervical collar, this support roll is designed to be placed inside the pillowcase and is compatible with most conventional pillows.  For those who suffer from neck pain when lying down, or if your neck is worse when you wake up than it was when you went to bed.

Placed between your pillow and pillowcase it provides the necessary support to the cervical structures.  Maintains the natural curve of the cervical spine while sleeping on the side or back.
Cheaper and more flexible option than the “cervical pillows” found in the shops.  Measures 20″L x 3½” dia.  Constructed of low-density foam. Removable, washable cotton/polyester cover 

Travellers Pillow

Great for dozing in chairs, car or plane. Soft yet supportive polyester fibre filling. Open-weave ‘breathing’ cover. Doesn’t sweat (unlike inflatables)! Adjustable, compact, washable.

The neck support pillow that is ideal for adults and children and gives you comfort with support

Helps prevent head lolling sideways, so sleep is not disturbed.

Doesn’t let your head fall forward and make your neck ache.

Neck Support Pillow supports the head and neck, promotes better posture while resting.

Special open-weave cover gives Traveller’s Pillow ‘breathing’ qualities.

Adjustable – toggle makes it ideal for both children and adults.

Gentle on skin. Allergen-free.

Inner circumference tape-reinforced, providing added strength and shape retention.

Product dimensions: 30 cm x 11cm

Peakcare Neck support Pillow

Peakcare 2 in 1 Pillow Track U Neck Support
300 x 280mm U shaped