Foot stools

Pressure Care Footstool


This is a multi-purpose device designed to provide pressure re-distribution for the lower leg while also completely offloading the achilles area and heels for seated patients. The footstool provides excellent prevention of Heel PU’s for those patients seated for long periods.

Made from a combination of high density, visco-elastic and hospital grade foams, it has a fully welded medical grade cover which is resistant to sanitising chemicals, fully waterproof and breathable to ensure many years of reliable service in either homecare or commercial healthcare facilities.



Atama Barclay Footstool


The coordinating Barclay footstool is compact and versatile featuring adjustable legs with a rolled edge for superior comfort on a fully welded steel frame.

Width: 380mm

Height: 450mm Maximum

Depth: 430mm

R&R Padded footstool


A padded footstool with aluminium legs designed for raising and resting the legs and calves. The height is adjustable by push-pins in the legs. Available in several colours of vinyl and fabric upholstery

Width Overall 400 mm

Depth Overall 460 mm

Height Overall 400 mm – 550 mm

Mocha Legrest stool


The adjustable height Legrest stool is designed with a 10-degree angle for comfort and support and should be placed with the higher end against the chair. The Legrest stool matches the high back chair (ZHI-ZH032) and is available in matching mocha or teal colours.


Seat Pad: 400mm x 500mm x 40mm

Height adjustable: 420mm-570mm

Max User Weight: 160kg

Step Stool with Handrail


Chrome plated steel frame step stool with hand rail.

It has a slip-resistant fluted rubber covered step and a tall hand rail can be fitted to one side.

It also has non-marking, slip resistant rubber tips.

Specifications: Height of Step: 23cm

Height of Handrail (from floor): 104cm

Overall Width: 44cm

Overall Depth: 35.5cm

Step Width: 36cm

Step Depth: 29cm

Max User Weight: 160kg

Savanah Modular Bath Step


This attractive, modular bath step has been specifically designed to make daily activities, especially getting into and out of the bath, easier. The large surface area gives the user confidence and the textured surface provides additional non- slip safety. A single step has a 100mm (4″) raise and the modularity of the Savannah Bath Step allows it to be stacked on top of each other or clipped together to give a larger area or create a small stair. Each additional step adds an extra 50mm (2″) to the height of the step, up to a maximum of six steps (giving a 355mm (14″) raise). A foam pad is supplied that fits neatly onto the surface of the step.

High quality construction

Aids easy entry and exit from bath

Reduces risk of slips and falls

Modular design allows multiple options

Bath step height: 100mm (4″)

Surface area: 356mm x 457mm (14″ x 18″)

Footprint: 381mm x 483mm (15″ x 19″)

Bath step weight: 1.3 kgs

Maximum user weight: 190 kgs

Oscar Footresta Stool


This unique foot rest is not only very comfortable for people of all shapes and sizes, it is a beautiful piece of furniture. The sculptural curves not only look fabulous but serve to give this footrest a one size fits all angle adjustment. The rocking action positions the footrest for optimum foot and lower leg support.

The Footresta is available in the full Oscar Fabric Range, when ordered with a chair, the footresta fabric will be made to match the chair by default.


The Footresta frame is made from Australian MDF and is available in the Oscar standard MDF finish colours. By default, the frame will be made to suit the chair it was ordered with.

Footrest padded


Provides support for the feet

Assists in the correction of hip angle Padded for additional comfort

Pad width 410mm

Pad length 240mm

2 Heights

Min Height 100mm Max Height 150mm

Min Height 175mm Max height 235mm