Bed pans / urinals

Male Urinal

Screw cap encloses contents after use, prevents spillage and minimises odour. 1 litre capacity

Slipper Bed Pan

Wedge shape assists in positioning pan for use

Integrated handle

Front panel prevents spillage when moving or transporting pan

Autoclavable for sanitising

Moulded plastic

2 sizes Regular 240 x 320 x 85mm W X D X H

Large 300 x 430 x 90mm W X D X H

Adult bed pan

Bed Pan Description: Frontal opening & wide seating area

Materials: Moulded Plastic Construction

Autoclavable for sanitising.

Width: 300mm

Depth: 360mm

Height: 120mm

Product Weight: 620g

Carequip Male urinal- Clear

This Male Urinal has an integrated handle for easy use and cleaning and is autoclavable for sanitising. The moulded plastic construction has a 1 litre capacity and 100ml graduation marks. It is suitable for users who are unable to move from the bed to urinate.

Homecraft male Urinal with lid

The Homecraft Male Urinal Bottle is made of clear plastic, graduated side to regulate liquid output. The Urinal has a handle for transportation and has a flat bottom to stand easier on flat surfaces. The ‘snap on’ lid helps to prevent spillage.

Female Adapter for Spil Pruf Urinal

Please note this is an Adaptor only. It is not a complete urinal. Purchase the Male Spil Pruf Urinal to complete the set. The Female Adaptor for Spil Pruf Urinal is specifically used to convert the Male Spil Pruf Urinal into a female urinal. The moulded plastic is autoclavable for sanitising.

Weight: 60g

Urine bottle Holder

This Urine Bottle Holder has an epoxy coated wire frame and is easily attached to the bed frame. This bottle holder is compatible with most urinals.

To prevent slippage the urinal is held upright.

Weight is 330g.

Urinal is sold separately.

Male Spil Pruf Urinal

The Male Spil Pruf Urinal has a non- spill spout to prevent accidental spills in any positions. The spout unscrews easy for convenient disposal and cleaning. This moulded plastic urinal has an integrated handle and is autoclavable for sanitising. The total capacity of this urinal is 1 litre however the non- spill capacity is 500ml.

Total weight is 215g.

Female Urinal

The Female Urinal is constructed of moulded plastic and is autoclavable for sanitising. The integrated handle makes it easy to use and transport.

This Female Urinal has a 1 Litre capacity and 100ml graduation markings.