Abri Form Premium Air Plus All in One

Abri-Form Premium is a range of all-in-one incontinence products for moderate to heavy incontinence. The Abri-Form products are designed to give optimum leakage security in highly demanding situations and are the perfect solution for bed-bound people.

The products are designed with several unique features such as; wetness indicator, barriers for leakage security and a soft textile-like top- and back sheet that allows the skin to breathe and stay dry, cool and healthy in all situations. To maintain the user’s feeling of freedom and dignity, the products are designed with an odor system for optimal comfort and discretion. The products are dermatologically tested and certified with the Nordic Ecolabel.

The Abri Form range caters for waist sizes from 50cm to 170cm, and capacities ranging from 1400mL to 4000mL.

Abri Flex Premium Pull ups

Abri-Flex is Abena’s full range of pull-up pants that can be worn like normal underwear enhancing the user’s feeling of freedom and dignity. They are available in 5 sizes and 4 absorption levels.

Abri-Flex offers a superior fit as it has more elastic threads which provide a firm and comfortable body fit and stays in place for active use. Abena’s Abri-Flex range offer a discreet pull-up pant with Abena quality features of softness, Top Dry System, breathability and leakage security.

The range also includes Abri-Flex Zero, which is designed with a high cut and a full white back sheet for light incontinence, and Abri-Flex Special, which has a longer leg and unique elastication in both legs and crotch area to ensure a snug and secure fit.

Abri Flex suits waist sizes of between 45 and 200cm, with capacities ranging from 1400mL to 2400mL.

Abri Fix Net

Abri-Fix Net provides extra elasticity to support the continence product, providing optimum security against leakage.

For the correct sizing both the waist and hip should be measured and the largest measurement used.

Abri-Fix Net can be washed up to 25-30 times. Please refer to the label for the full washing instructions.

These products are latex free.

Available in sizes XS – XXL.

Abri San Premium Pads


Enjoy an active and comfortable life with Abena’s Abri-San Premium products. The Abri-San series consists of a wide range of anatomically shaped pads for light to heavy incontinence. The pads are designed with a soft textile-like top and back sheet that allows the skin to breathe and stay dry, cool and healthy in all situations.

The Abri-San products have a special odour system for optimal comfort and discretion and are dermatologically tested and certified with the Nordic Eco-label. Some of the product are also FSC®-certified (Forest Stewardship Council).
Abri-San 1-1A-2-3-4 cover light to moderate incontinence. These products offer unique protection against leakage with super soft and flat lengthwise barriers. An adhesive strip on the back of the pad secures the pad to the underwear. It has Abena’s Top Dry system that allows the user to feel dry and comfortable, while letting the skin breathe.

Abri San 1- 200mL

Abri San 1A- 200mL

Abri San 2- 250mL

Abri San 3-500mL

Abri San 4-800mL

Abri San 5-6-7-9-10-11 are for moderate to heavy incontinence and have a capacity from 1200mL to 3400mL. These products offer ultimate leakage protection by barriers extending right to the edge of the pad and built-in cross barriers to the front and back These pads require the use of Fixation garments, such as Abri Fix under wear.

Abri San Special is also available for faecal incontinence with a capacity of 2000mL Abri-San Special has effective leakage barriers with ‘built in’ pockets that keep the bowel contents inside – even when released under pressure. Designed to allow frequent pad changes. We recommend using products from our Abri-Fix range when fitting Abri-San Special.

Abri Soft

Abena’s range of bed protection is also suitable for various types of procedures, e.g. wound care, blood sampling or changing a cast.

The bed protection concept offers both disposable and washable products for:
Protection of beds and chairs from leakage

Protection during various procedures
Underpads are available with fluff only, and with both fluff and SAP
Available with various layers of tissue in different sizes and absorption capacities

Protective sheets

Abri Soft 4114 Bed Pad with Wings 90 x 180cm capacity 2100mL pk 30
Abri Soft 4115 Abri Soft 40 x 60cm capacity 1100mL pk 60
Abri Soft 4119 Abri Soft 60 x 60cm capacity 1300mL pk 25
Abri Soft 4123 Abri Soft 60 x 90cm Capacity 2100mL pk 25

Abri Man Formula 1 & 2


Abri-Man Formula 1 & 2 provides ultimate protection against leakage through unique, pocket shaped, comfortable lengthwise barriers. The product ensures optimum comfort and security due to the special shape adapted to the male anatomy. Micro punctured top sheet, channel systems and frontal double Top Dry layer provides fast dispersion of the liquid and a dry surface next to the skin. The breathable Air Plus backing is soft and discreet, allowing the skin to breathe, reducing the risk of skin problems. Secure fixation is ensured by the self-adhesive strip, which can be positioned excellently in close-fitting underwear or even better in the specially designed Abri-Fix Man.

Shaped for the male anatomy. Pocket shaped comfortable lengthwise barriers
Unique Top Dry system providing fast dispersion and a dry surface
Extra absorption at the front due to frontal double Top Dry acquisition layer
Breathable textile-like back sheet
High quality non woven material offers extra softness
Secure fixation by self-adhesive strip
Dermatologically tested
Nordic-Eco Swan label

Abri Form Junior

Abena’s youth incontinence product offers a narrower core and a smaller leg cut, which makes them a perfect choice as a continence aid for teenagers. It is designed to look more like ordinary underwear with printed textile-like back sheet. Strong curved elastics and flexible tapes give an optimum and variable fit, also making this junior incontinence product a suitable solution when looking for nappies for children with incontinence.

Abri-Form Junior is fully breathable and has a specially designed non-woven sub-layer which spreads the liquid providing quicker absorption and makes the user feel dry even after leakage.

Booster Pads

Two Booster pads are available from Lille Healthcare. 500mL capacity and 1035mL capacity.

These pads provide an increase in urine capacity when used in conjunction with a waterproof backed product. They are pulp filled insert pads without a waterproof backing. Changing a booster pad regularly can also extend the life of the outer product, resulting in a more cost-effective solution to incontinence care.

Reynard Incontinence wipes

Cleanse – mild surfactants will remove soiling without the drying effects of soap and water.

Moisturize – urine and faeces can damage the skin causing discomfort. Reynard Incontinence Wipes contain a moisturizer that will leave the skin feeling fresh and smooth. Deodorize – will help neutralise odours on the skin to leave it feeling revitalised and fresh.

Barrier Protection – a moisture barrier protects the skin from unwanted moisture, protecting the skin from irritation and discomfort.

Infection control – anti-bacterial properties will remove micro-organisms which can cause infection and odours. The wipes have been tested and proven to be effective against MRSA, E.Coli, P.aeruginosa, Salmonella and Enterococcus.
This product is entered in the ARTG, ARTG No. 178110

Meets the requirements of EN1040

Abena Wet Wipes

The Abena Wet Wipes 20 x 27cm 80/pk are disposable, pre-moistened, personal wipes. The wipes are a convenient alternative to soap and water, gentle on the skin, removing perspiration salts and body odours.

These wipes are part of Abena’s Wash without Water range and are suitable for bedbound users.

Hygienic and time saving solution

Convenient alternative to soap and water

Paraben free

Perfume free

Nordic Swan certified

Dermatologically tested

Asthma / Allergy Association label