Seating Protectors

Abri Soft

Abena’s range of bed and chair protection is also suitable for various types of procedures, e.g. wound care, blood sampling or changing a cast.

The bed protection concept offers both disposable and washable products for:
Protection of beds and chairs from leakage

Protection during various procedures

Underpads are available with fluff only, and with both fluff and SAP
Available with various layers of tissue in different sizes and absorption


Protective sheets
Abri Soft 4115 Abri Soft 40 x 60cm capacity 1100mL pk 60
Abri Soft 4119 Abri Soft 60 x 60cm capacity 1300mL pk 25

Deluxe Chair Pad with waterproof backing


60cm x 50cm absorbent chair pad. Available in Brown, Green Blue and Burgundy.

Protect-E Chair Protector


Crystal reusable chair pad provides an excellent level of coverage using a waterproof backing and cushion comfort. Available in a range of different colours and sizes designed to suit your decor and for various uses.


Waterproof |


Premium velour with polyester padding for comfort

Membrane-Waterproof sanitised backing

Stitch-Diamond pattern stitch for fast absorption

Total Weight-600gsm

Retention Level-500mls

Washing Instructions-Launder up to 90 degrees. Wash and dry.


Teal Blue, Regency Red,