Hard Swivel Base cushion

The Rotating Transfer Seat Cushion, also known as a swivel seat cushion is a transfer aid which is designed to assist a user to rotate whilst they are seated. It is most commonly used for transfers in and out of a vehicle such as a car.

Additionally, it can be useful when getting in and out of a bed.

The rotating transfer cushion consists of two padded discs, each with a nylon material surface which come in contact with each other. This provides low friction and allows it to rotate. The top disc features a cotton outside covering whilst the bottom disc has a slip resistant base.

The diameter is 45cm.

Swivel cushion

A soft flexible padded swivel cushion, which twists on itself to assists with turning whilst seated. Suitable for those with lower limb stiffness. Its lightweight and flexible design makes it ideal for transportation and use in cars.

Seat Belt Helper

Provides extension to the seat belt to prevent twisting at the hip and shoulder. Can be easily fitter to either the passenger or diver side. Ideal for those with reduced shoulder range of motion or hip/shoulder stiffness.


A portable support handle gets you in and out of the car safely. The unique handle inserts into car door latch to provide a temporary support aid. Simple to use on either front or rear doors. Fits majority of cars. Can also be used as a window breaker or seat belt cutter in case of emergency.

key features

firm, non-slip, ergonomic grip

promotes safety and mobility

store in glove box, car door console or large handbag

universal fit without need for modification

supports up to 158 kg

emergency feature = window breaker (metallic tip can be used to break glass)

emergency feature = seat belt cutter (slide cutter into belt for emergency