Vision aids

KCare digital LED clock

  • The Digital LED Calendar Day Clock is available in a 10 or 12″ model. The text and font are easy to read, and the day, date and time are non-abbreviated to reduce confusion. The clock has eight programmable reminders and up to 12 programmable alarms. The brightness is auto-adjusting, and it has an inbuilt memory in case of a power outage. Wall mountable and easy to set up straight from the box.simple & easy set up out of the box
  • display with easy to read text & font
  • non-abbreviated day, date and time to reduce confusion
  • time of day display
  • 8 programmable reminders
  • up to 12 programmable alarms
  • automatic brightness adjustment
  • inbuilt memory in case of loss of power
  • features 8 languages
  • wall mountable

Better Living Talking Alarm Clock

A stylish digital clock displaying the time, the ambient temperature and humidity; all announced at the simple press of a button. This clock includes a countdown alarm which is ideal when taking short naps. The temperature can be set to Celsius or Fahrenheit. Features a back light against a clear LCD display.

Visio 10 clock

Clear Easy to Read Clock – Alzheimer’s , Dementia, Visual and Memory Aid Clock
Non Abbreviated Display of Day, Time, Date, Month and Year 
Perfect for people with memory impairment

A digital clock with a non abbreviated display of day, date, time, month and year in written text and numerals. Settings can be locked to avoid tampering. The clock is powered by two AA batteries and has eight language functions. It can be positioned on a table or wall mounted. Suitable for people needing assistance with orientation.

  • Time and date display
  • Day of week and month display
  • Large clear easy to read display
  • Non abbreviated display of Day, Date, Month and Year
  • 8 languages for day and month display (French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Polish)
  • 12hr (AM/PM indicator) or 24hr (Military style) display options
  • Uses 2 Batteries AA (included)
  • Stand on table or hang on the wall
  • Fixture hanging hole and table stand on back
  • Lock function to disable accidental time change
  • Dimensions (mm) : 280 x 190 x 27
  • Large Numeric Display (mm) : 190 x 105
  • Warranty 2 years from product source

Stylish and functional the new VISO10 Large format Easy Read Alzheimer’s Clock.

The clear, easy to read VISO10 clock, is a useful tool for people living with memory impairment, caused by Alzheimer’s, dementia, stroke, or other memory related impairments – as well as a welcome relief for their family and care givers.

People with Alzheimer’s, dementia, stroke, or other forms of memory loss, often lose the ability to recall; what day, time of day, month, or what year it is – causing them stress, anxiety and frustrations. Many large format clocks also abbreviate the day and month, shortening words to three characters (i.e. MON or DEC), subsequently confusing some elderly, or baffling cognitively impaired people.

The VISO10 Clock – ! It uses full words, in large bold letters, with no confusing abbreviations. The non abbreviated display of DAY, DATE, TIME, MONTH and YEAR are easy to understand, with large bold numerals up to 190mm high. The battery operated VISO10 also has a choice of 8 different languages, can be desk stand or wall mounted, and can be locked to avoid any unintended time changes. At a total size of 280mm x 190mm the VISO10 is clear and easy to read, whilst remaining sleek and modern, to fit practically into any environment.

The VISO10 Alzheimer’s Clock is a perfect gift for home, office, schools, aged care facilities, or the reception area of any health care professional – enabling patients and clients to clearly see the day, date and time – providing a stress free, dementia friendly environment. It may even alleviate carers’ frustrations who will no longer have to continually repeat the day and time to their loved ones.

Please Note: This clock does not have any alarms, it is merely a visual and memory aid for the day, time, date, month and year.

Your Minder Clock

Simply record your own voice reminders to play at your chose time each day, to alert you to take medication, go to bed, have a meal and so on.

With 6 unique alarms per 24 hours, the alarm message repeats periodically until the red ‘Alarm Acknowledged’ button is pressed. Record your own voice or any other sound. Loud, integrated dual speakers ensure the alarm is heard, even from another room. The LCD display with day, date and time has a clear, large typeface with backlight for easy viewing day and night.

Easy to set and operate, the clock features oversized colour coded buttons on the top of the unit. The time and date can be heard at any time by pressing the green ‘Talk’ button. Toggle each alarm ON or OFF with ease. Change any or all of the six alarms at any time and as often as you wish.

Dimension: 125mm W x 65mm H x 45mm D

Memorabel Clock

Dementia friendly Audio Visual Orientation/Calendar Reminder Alarm Clock
Perfect for people with Alzheimer’s, dementia, memory impairment, cognitive impairment, low vision, or everyday forgetfulness.

The NEW MemRabel 2 (v5), the latest audio visual reminder alarm clock, for people living with memory impairment, cognitive impairment, or everyday forgetfulness.

Perfect for people living with Alzheimers, dementia, or other chronic illness or disabilities, the Memrabel 2 is a visually appealing calendar clock with a high quality, bright contrast display, showing the full time, day, time of day, date, month and year, to avoid those repetitive questions about ‘what time is it’?

Better Living Orientation Signage

Designed to help dementia patients quickly and easily locate the bathroom, toilet, kitchen or bedroom areas. Available as stickers or foam boards, these Orientation Signs use symbols and imagery and act as visual cues.
Available individually or as a Sticker Kit (bathroom and toilet only).

Key Features

options for toilet, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom

provide strong colour contrast and visual cues

available as stickers or mountable foam boards

colour coded

include mounting device

Better Living Orientation signage

Ideally suited to dementia patients, these full-size photographic murals can be used to camouflage doors or doorways leading to stairways, rooms or cupboards that may pose a danger to those suffering from cognitive impairment. Easy to install, the adhesive vinyl will not rip or tear and can be removed and reinstalled as often as needed.


self-adhesive vinyl mural

2100 x 900mm

trim to fit most doors

choice of 5 images