Pressure Care

Shear Comfort Sheepskin Tall Slipper Boot

The Shear Comfort Tall Slipper Boot is ideal for providing the necessary security to those at risk from skin ulcers to the feet and legs or those with vascular problems.  Generous velcro fastening along the entire boot ensures it can comfortably accommodate most legs or feet regardless of swelling and can be used in conjunction with compression bandages or support hosiery.  The open toe design ensures toe separation and circulation inspection can be undertaken without removing the boot. The sole of the tall slipper boot is made from suede and is soft making it ideal for use indoors or in beds and inclined chairs.  It is not suitable for self-transferring.  We would recommend a boot with a hard rubber sole for this.

The qualities of the XD (extra density) 1900gsm wool reduce shear and friction as well as wicking moisture from sweat and urine away which all work to prevent skin damage and ulceration.  The sheepskin wool also effectively regulates body temperature and can therefore be used in both Summer and Winter. 

The Shear Comfort Tall Slipper Boots are machine washable with standard household washing detergents and can be tumble dried following Shear Comfort instructions. Shear Comfort is warranted to withstand 50 washes at up to 80 degrees Celsius for bacteria eradication.

Shear Comfort Pressure Care Boot

The Shear Comfort Pressure Care Boot is designed to provide protection, support and comfort to those who suffer from skin abrasions and ulcers. The Pressure Care Boots have open toes to allow toe separation and easy inspection of toes without having to remove the boot.  The sole is hard rubber making it suitable for wear indoors and also outdoors.  These style of shoes with the hard soles are also recommended if self- transferring.

There are velcro straps around the bridge and heel or the foot, allowing the boot to be fully opened and adjusted, which is ideal for users who suffer from foot swelling. These Pressure Care Boots can be worn both inside and outside.
The Sheepskin XD 1900gsm wool reduces friction and shear, and will wick away moisture to prevent skin damage and ulceration.

The Shear Comfort Pressure Care Boots can be washed and tumble dried according to the Shear Comfort instructions, and are warranted to withstand 50 washes in up to 80 degrees Celsius for bacteria eradication. These measurements are the internal size of the shoe.

XXS: 19cm – 20cm

X Small: 21cm-22cm

Small: 23cm – 24cm

Medium: 25cm – 26cm

Large: 26cm – 27cm

Extra Large: 28cm – 29cm

Shear Comfort Wrap Around Boot

Medical Grade Sheepskin. The Shear Comfort Wrap Around Boot offers full foot protection for use inside and outside thanks to the ridged, non-slip rubber sole. There are Velcro straps across the heel and along the top to make it easy to put on, remove and adjust to foot swelling.

The natural properties of wool ensure that comfort and protection is provided to the foot. The moisture dissipation qualities of the wool ensure any perspiration is effectively wicked away from the skin.
Sold as a pair.

Shear comfort Sovereign Snug slipper

Medical Grade Sheepskin. The Sovereign Snug is a low profile, moccasin style indoor slipper that accommodates foot oedema while providing exceptional support and comfort. The suede sole is non-slip and flexible, and the slippers can be used for walking around the house or when relaxing with your feet up
Sold as a pair and available in size small, medium, large and extra-large.

Aussie Footwarmers

Small 5 – 6,

Medium 7 – 8,

Large 9 -10,

X/Large 11 – 12 and

XXL 13 – 14 now available.

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