Surgical Shoes

Darco Softie Post op shoe

The DARCO Softie™ Shoe is a cost effective alternative to the more premium shoes while still providing the rigidity and control of the forefoot you have come to expect from all DARCO products.


Features and Benefits

  • Semi-rigid metatarsal shank provides postoperative healing and better protection after osteotomies.
  • Tri-Laminated upper made of light weight tricot-foam material is breathable and comfortably conforms to bony abnormalities.
  • Hook and loop straps are easy to fasten and unfasten with one hand.



Size Women’s Men’s Catalog # Women’s Catalog # Men’s
Small 4.0 – 6.0 6.0 – 8.0 STW1B STM1B
Medium 6.5 – 8.0 8.5 – 10.0 STW2B STM2B
Large 8.5 – 10.0 10.5 – 12.0 STW3B STM3B
X-Large 12.5 – 14.0 STM4B


Darco Surgical shoes

Medical / surgical post – operative shoe. Solid rocker sole prevents pressure on the foot. Post-surgery or broken bones in the foot are protected. Interchangeable for right or left foot. Small, medium, large, XLarge for both Men and women.

The DARCO MedSurg™ Shoe is the most versatile postoperative shoe on the market today. Its fully customizable insole is double-padded and removable to accommodate the PegAssist™ (PTQ Series) off-loading insole.

Features and Benefits


  • After foot surgery or when K-wires are present
  • When large bandages or dressing are required
  • As a platform for the PegAssist™ (PTQ Series) insole when off-loading wounds
Size Shoe Size Catalog Number
Small 6-8 MQM1B
Medium 8.5 – 10 MQM2B
Large 10.5 – 12 MQM3B
X-Large 12.5 – 14 MQM4B
Size Shoe Size Catalog Number
Small 4 – 6 MQW1B
Medium 6.5 – 8 MQW2B
Large 8.5 – 10 MQW3B
Children’s Size Catalog Number
12 – 1 MQPB