Laminated timber slide board

This laminated timber transfer board is used to help the patient in transferring between wheelchair, car, chair, bed etc and to avoid strain for the attendant.
Board is polished and edges are thinner to slide under the patient.

Length 60 cm (top board in picture)
Width 21 cm
Max capacity 130kg

Transfer Slider Board-curved

This slider board made from solid reinforced plastic resists chipping, shattering and splintering and is waterproof. It has slip resistant pads at each end to increase stability during transfer. Allows for transferring or repositioning patients without risking strain or back injury.

Length 70 cm
Width 37 cm (tapers to 26cm)

Etac Pro Turner

If you’re looking for a new way to transfer a person from a bed to a chair, consider the Etac Turner PRO as a strong, lightweight, viable option. This new sit-to-stand aid can quickly and easily transfer anyone from a bed or chair to another seating option such as a wheelchair. Its unique design allows a person to hold the top handle and place their knees on the pads provided. The knee pads are soft and indented, which won’t hurt the person as they stand, and places the person in the proper standing position for transferring. Good posture will reduce the risk of injury for both parties as well. The wheels allow the operator to efficiently glide the Turner across a room without having to worry about lifting or otherwise carrying the Turner where it’s needed. The rotation-type function assures a quick transfer from one place to the other. The orange, dual-handle gives both the user and patient the opportunity to hold a bar individually without physically touching. The TurnerPro is also lightweight, weighing approximately 7.4kg.


  • Padded, Indented Knee Pads for Added Safety During Transfer
  • Wheels Offer Easier Transport Across Different Floor Types
  • Quickly and Easily Rises a Patient to a Standing Position
  • Great for Transferring from Bed to Chair
  • Swivel Bottom Assures Quick Transfer of the Patient
  • Dual Handle Bar Offers Room for Both Parties
  • Lightweight for Easier Carrying if Needed
  • Bright-Colored Handle for Easy Viewing

Peakcare Shifty

The Shifty Transfer Assist Trolley offers a safe option for transferring from chair, sofa or toilet. It has a small frame which allows access through tight spaces or hallways, with legs that can be spread to suit any size of seats.

Product Width (cm) 59
Product Depth (cm) 75
Product Height (cm) 101
Weight Capacity (kg) 200
DVA RAP Schedule AM01
Product Weight (kg) 30

Aspire Standing lifter

The Aidacare Aspire A200S is a compact, lightweight and maneuverable standing lifter ideal for home, community and facility environments.

  • Adjustable Depth Yoke: Yoke is depth adjustable for optimal patient fit
  • Ergonomic Handles: Provide multiple grip points to suit carers of different heights and strengths
  • Ergonomic Handset: The latest slimline technology from Linak fits neatly in the hand with an intuitive control panel. Battery and service indicator lights assist with service scheduling
  • Powered Leg Function: Opens and closes the legs for lifting stability or accessibility
  • Build Quality: Strong powder coated aluminium frame with industry leading Linak electronics and warranty provision
  • Safety: Critical features include emergency stop button, emergency lowering and anti entrapment technology, with both patient and caregiver safety at heart
  • Adjustable Padded Leg rest: Provide comfort and support during transfers & can be adjusted to suit the user
  • Intelligent Diagnostics: State of the art Linak Jumbo Care control system. Tracks usage and service requirements for safety and compliance
  • Quality Locking Castors: 2 x 75mm rear locking castors for safety and maneuverability
  • Item Weight: 30.4 kg
  • Tested and compliant to AS/NZS ISO 10535:2011 (the Australian standard for hoists)

Handi Turn disc

The Pelican Handi Turn is a rigid turning disc used to transfer a patient who is able to stand between two seated positions (e.g. from a wheelchair to a toilet, commode, chair or bed). While sitting on the first seat the user places their feet on the upper disc and is assisted to stand by the carer who then rotates the user before assisting them to sit on the second seat.

Product Features:

Plastic outer turning discs, suitable for use on wet floors (but avoid getting the inside bearings wet)

Can be disassembled for cleaning between the discs

Can be disinfected

Must be wiped dry before use or storage

Product Specifications:

Large: 36cm diameter

Immedia One-way glide

The Immedia OneWayGlide is a specialised fabric device that allows sliding easily in one direction whilst resisting sliding in the other direction. It facilitates independent or assisted positioning whilst helping to prevent the user from sliding forward in the chair.

Available in three models – OneWayGlide Non-Slip, OneWayGlide Velour and the OneWayGlide Pad. Range of available sizes for customised fit to any chair or wheelchair.

The OneWayGlide Non-Slip is a fabric tube with unique one-way glide inner surface and non-slip outer surface that grips to any surface. Can be combined with a cotton cover.

The OneWayGlide Velour is a tubular cushion with ‘velour material. More comfortable to sit on, it must be used on a textile surface.

The OneWayGlide Pad is a one-layer pad with velour top suitable for use directly on a textile surface.

One Way Slide Tube

This slide tube has a slip resistant outer cover and a slippery interior. It is designated to slip easily in one direction (arrowed on the tube) but locks in place in the opposite direction. It allows a person to be moved up the chair or bed without fear of slipping back. 45 x 45cm

Peakcare Soft Swivel slide cushion

Peak Swivel cushion non-slip prevents movement of cushion. Quilted top panel for extra comfort, ideal for turning to get on and off seat without straining back and hips and knees 440MM diameter X 40MM height. Particularly good for car use.

Peakcare Swivel cushion Padded 39cm

Peak Swivel Cushion hard durable plastic non-slip base with Memory foam 390mm diameter x 50mm Height with velvet cover Extra Smooth for turning to get on and off seat without straining back, hips and knees. Particularly good for car use