Walk Belt

Handi Lift Walk Belt

The Handi Lift Walk Belt is a popular transfer belt. You can use it for transferring people, and when walking with people who need help.

Two Carers normally work together when using the Handi Lift Walk Belt. If necessary one Carer with training can work alone, depending on the person.
The security of the double Hook & Loop Tape belt is very supportive, and all four vertical handles are fully padded.

This product is available in either:

Standard white nylon material lining OR Grey Miracle Grip rubber lining.
The rubber grips to clothing very well. You can possibly still get some slipping between the clothes and the skin.

Sometimes these transfer belts are referred to as Pelican Belts, Johnny Belts, or Transfer Belts.

Available in 6 sizes dependent on waist size with or without Miracle Grip lining.

XSmall 58-70cm

Small 69-93cm

Medium 85 – 110cm

Large 90-117cm

XLarge 108-133cm

XXLarge 130-150cm

Patient Walk Belt

The Walk Belt, also known as a Soft Transfer Belt, is a padded belt to help patients and carers in a transfer; both sit to stand and also whilst walking. The design features padded and reinforced cut away handles to maximise patient comfort and carer ease. The inclusion of the large buckle enables easy tightening of the belt once the patient is standing. This product is also known as the Soft Transfer Belt. The inside of the belt is lined with a rubberised material designed to grip the patients’ clothing and minimise slipping. Elasticised loops are fitted around the strap so that any excess can be folded away to improve the patients’ safety. The walk belt is available in two sizes:

Small: 63cm to 106cm / 25in to 42in Colour: White with Red Handles

Large: 100cm to 160cm / 39in to 62in Colour: White with Blue Handles

Can be wiped clean with disinfectant for infection control