Metron Stretch ranger Shoulder Pulley

Developed by a practicing physical therapist in 1985, the Metron® Stretch Ranger Shoulder Pulley was the first web-strap over-the-door pulley on the market. Today it is still the market leader. A low cost, simple-to-use device, the Metron® Stretch Ranger Shoulder Pulley helps increase and maintain range of motion in all planes of shoulder motion. Used at home, it allows patients to increase the gains made in the clinic and helps speed the recovery process.

Roylan Reach and range Overhead Pulley

Pulley system sits over top of door.


These dumbells are made of steel but coated in a soft vinyl (PVC) easy-clean coating. Can be used during work-outs to increase strength training, or used alone as part of a weight training program.

Sold individually. weights 0.5kg, 1.0kg, 1.5kg, 2.0kg, 2.5kg, 3 kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg, 7kg

Can Do Digi-Flex

Individual finger exerciser in various strengths

0.68 Kg Yellow

1.36kg Red

2.27 Kg Green

3.18 kg Blue

4.08kg Black

TheraBand Exercise Band

Bands help users rehabilitate injuries, improve functional living, enhance athletic performance, and makes measuring progress and achieving goals for fitness or therapy easy. The resistance bands are easy-to-use, convenient, portable, and are an effective alternative to free weights and weight machines





Special heavy

Pedal exerciser

The pedal exerciser can be placed on the floor or table for both upper and lower body exercises.  Through using the exerciser, the user can improve aerobic capacity, co-ordination, muscle strength, range of joint movement and improve circulation. This product features adjustable resistance and its compact foldable design makes it easily portable. It features a digital display to track your workout. 

Push Cush

Inflatable foot cushion and exercise aid to help relieve swollen legs and feet when travelling or sitting for long periods. Ideal for those suffering from fluid and circulatory problems. Pedal/treadle action exercises promote circulation and oxygen to the legs and feet by working important muscles and keeps joints mobile.


Length: 33 cm

Width: 40 cm