Forearm walker

Aspire Forearm Walker

The stylish European designed Aspire Vogue Walkers are a lightweight, versatile range with a sturdy frame and easy to fold locking system, suitable for compact transportation when folded

Luxury Look and Feel – European design, profiled tubing, moulded fittings and chic colour palette

Smart Posture System – Height, angle and depth adjustable forearm supports achieve optimal centre of gravity for improved balance and weight redistribution
Smooth height adjustment with AUTOLOCATE – Graduated and numbered upright shaft automatically locates to preset heights, making adjustment simple and accurate

Ergonomic Design – Intelligent location of cross brace and generous under seat clearance provide scope for improving patient stride length
Rehab Focus – Easy to push with a small turning circle and low rolling resistance to accelerate standing mobility

Locks when Folded – Makes lifting the frame easier and minimises storage space required

User Comfort – Super-soft wheels and padded forearm surfaces absorb bumps and jolts creating a smooth, comfortable ride

Length: 660 mm, Width: 620 mm

Folded Width: 225 mm

Seat Depth: 240 mm

Wheel Size: 8 inch

Max user weight 150kg

Seat to floor height 620mm, handle height 1020-1270mm

Frame weight 9kg

Peak Care Taima Forearm walker

The Peak Care Taima Rollator With Cross Bar has a lightweight aluminium frame and it is foldable for easier storage and transport. It comes with a cane/ walking stick holder and a removable mesh bag and it has curb climbing assistance. The Taima forearm rollator has soft touch brakes and height-adjustable grip handles. This rollator is available within two different sizes.

Seat Height: 51cm and 59cm
Seat Width: 39cm and 44cm
Length: 63cm and 67cm
Width: 58cm and 63cm
Width folded: 22cm
Max user weight: 150kg
Tyre Dimensions: 20 x 3.5cm

Mesh bag approximate weight capacity: 5kg

Forearm walking Frame

Sturdy wheeled walking frame for indoor mobility training and rehabilitation. Designed for users who require the ability to weight bear through the forearms. Available in both non folding and folding models.

Note: Not designed to help users stand from a seated position
Forearm cuff height: 93 cm – 123 cm (25 mm increments)

Width: Front 40 cm / Rear 60 cm

Front swivel wheels and rear ski’s for maneuverability

Adjustable hand grips to suit users forearm length

Maximum user weight capacity: 110 kg

CQ Ezy Walker

Ideal for those with limited hand and wrist strength

Ideal for indoor use

Folds for easy storage and transportation

Adjustable forearm gutter height and hand grip

Swivel castors for added maneuverability

Powder coated black steel frame

Models Available:

2210 Ezy Walker – Front castors, rear rubber tips

2215 Ezy Walker – Front and rear castors

Accessories Available:

Walker Skis – fitted at rear, pair

Sheepskin Gutter Covers (pair)

Product Specification:

Code 2210, Two  Castors, Forearm Gutter Height 870-1140mm, 560mm width x 620mm depth, max user weight 80kg
Code 2215, Four Castors, Forearm Gutter Height 870-1140mm, 590mm width x 660mm depth, max user weight 80kg

Days Gutter Arm Walking Tutor

The Gutter Walker with Handbrakes is designed to keep the user in an upright position for gait training. It has a new improved design with thicker tubing and bigger wheels. The forearm support and hand are fully adjustable. It can be easily folded for storage.

Product Specifications

Weight Capacity: 150kg

Overall width: 630mm

Overall height: 1100mm

Overall depth: 900mm

Overall forearm height: 990mm – 1220mm

Width between wheels: 580mm

Wheels: 190mm (7.48”)

KCare Folding Gutter Tutor

Designed to tutor the user into an upright gait

Folds for easy storage / transportation

Forearm cuffs rotate laterally and adjust vertically

Sturdy frame provides stable support

Removable arm pad for cleaning


KA360A: Adult Walking Tutor

Adjustable Height: 850-1350 mm

Maximum User Weight: 100 kg