Standard walkers

Peakcare 6" aluminium walker

The Peak Care Ellipse 6″ Rollator is a folding, lightweight, four wheeled walker with an adjustable handle height to fit any user requirements. The soft touch cable hand brake allows the user to brake temporarily or to lock the wheels for added safety. The Ellipse comes complete with a bag and basket and the backrest can be folded down for storage purposes. This rollator is available in three colours: red, mottled blue and champagne.

Overall Width: 61cm
Overall Length: 63cm
Handle Height Range: 79cm – 95cm
Seat Depth: 30cm
Seat Height: 56cm
Folded Width: 22cm
Castor Size: 15.3cm (6″)
Max User Weight: 130kg
Walker Weight: 7kg


Ausmedic (Days) 6" aluminium walker

The Days Seat Walker with Handbrakes & Curved Backrest features:
  • Height adjustable, lightweight, aluminium walker
  • Lockable loop lever handbrakes and soft rubber hand grips
  • Curved padded backrest for comfort
  • Cushioned seat which lifts to allow access to the handy shopping basket
  • 6″ wheels for a small turning circle allowing ease of use for both indoors and outdoors
  • Overall Width (Footprint): 620mm
  • Overall Depth (Footprint): 600mm
  • Floor to Seat Height: 550mm
  • Seat Width: 440mm
  • Handle Height Range: 830mm – 950mm
  • Maximum User Weight: 100kg

Airgo ultralite 6" walker

Ultra-Lightweight, foldable, aluminium walker with 6′ castor wheels and multiple seat height adjustable settings.

Features include: · Ergo-form handgrips for extra comfort · 6 seat height adjustments · Loop lever brakes (soft touch & lockable) · Padded seat · Detachable, padded, non-folding curved backrest · Adjustable height handles · Soft, removable, carry bag · Safety lock for the frame when fully open or closed · Reflective piping and handgrips for added visibility and safety at night · Ideally suited to mainly indoor use and transporting · 113kg weight capacity

Aspire Classic 8" seat walker

  • Robust aluminium frame and easy wipe-clean surfaces.
  • Ultra-soft hand brakes with palm ball – lock effortlessly and offer increased comfort for users with arthritis or wrist/hand joint pain
  • Anatomically designed, latex-free handles – allow for comfortable grip, especially for users with arthritis.
  • Adjustable handle height – for customised comfort and posture.
  • Easy folding mechanism – to facilitate storage and transportation.
  • Padded seat that flips up – with a discreet pocket for smaller items and a storage bag supplied.
  • Solid, puncture-proof 8” wheels – for increased maneuverability, particularly outdoors.
  • Handle height 817-972mm
  • Seat height 58cm
  • SWL 130kg
  • Weight 7kg

Peakcare 8" rollator

The Peak Ellipse 8″ Rollator is the perfect walker to aid everyday life and is designed to be lightweight and durable. The Ellipse 8″ has an aluminium folding frame and comes with a removable basket, as well as a folding backrest and a bag under the seat for easy storage. The handles have ergonomic hand grips to ensure user comfort and safety. The handle height can also be adjusted to fit most users. This rollator is available in Red, Blue and Champagne.

Width: 63cm
Length: 68cm
Handle Height: 79cm – 95 cm (adjustable)
Seat Depth: 30cm
Seat Width: 36cm
Seat Height: 56cm
Folded Width: 23cm
Castor Size: 20cm (8′)
Max User Weight: 150kg

Aidacare Vogue Aluminium walker

  • Advanced locking breaks
  • Unbreakable TPE super soft wheels
  • New wider curved backrest
  • Mimimised storage space with folded width 220 mm
  • Locks when folded
  • Removable utility bag with 5 kg limit
  • Cane holder attachment included
  • *Unit weight includes accessories, bag and backstrap
  • Available in Champagne or Red colours

Unit weight 6.4kg


Peakcare Ellipse Lite

The Peak Care Ellipse Lite Aluminium Rollator has a folding, high quality aluminium frame which makes it one of the most lightweight rollators available. With an adjustable handle height this walker can fit many user requirements. This walker comes with a tool-free kit to adjust both the height and the brakes.

The stylish soft touch hand brake allows the user to lock the wheels for added safety. The Ellipse Lite comes complete with a waterproof seat that can be folded for storage purposes and an easy install nylon bag.

Key Features

  • Side folding for easy transport and storage
  • High-quality frame
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Tool-free kit for height and brake adjustment
  • Soft-touch brake also locks for added safety
  • Waterproof seat
  • Easy install nylon bag


  • Overall Height: 85cm – 96.5cm
  • Overall Width: 61.5cm
  • Overall Length: 57cm
  • Seat Depth: 22cm
  • Seat Height:
    Medium – 52.3cm
  • Folded Width: 26cm
  • Walker Weight: 8kg


  • Maximum User Weight: 135kg

Aidacare carbon fibre walker

  • Super lightweight – Carbon fibre frame.
  • Now supplied with bonus cane holder
  • Luxury look and feel – Danish design, profiled tubing, moulded fittings, ergonomic handles and refined colours.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design with small turning circle for excellent maneuverability.
  • “Auto Locate” – Smooth height adjustment that automatically locates to pre-set heights, making adjustment simple and accurate.
  • Locks when folded – makes transportation and storage easier.
  • Advanced locking handbrakes – for increased user safety when walking and sitting.
  • Unbreakable TPE super soft wheels – offers high durability and a smooth ride for increased comfort.
  • Removable utility bag – simple and stylish to remove for shopping. Can hold up to 5 kg.
  • *Unit weight includes accessories, bag and backstrap
  • **Frame weight is minimal functional weight
  • Width 600mm
  • Handle height 695-920mm
  • Seat height 55cm
  • SWL 150kg

Peakcare Carbon fibre walker

The Peak Care Ellipse Super Lite Carbon Fibre Rollator is a folding, ultra-lightweight, four-wheeled walker with an adjustable handle height to fit any user requirements. The rollator comes with a tool-free kit to adjust both the height and the brakes.

The stylish hand brake allows the user to brake temporarily or to lock the wheels for added safety. The Ellipse Super Lite comes complete with an easy install nylon bag and a waterproof seat. Included also is a cane holder.  The rollator is available in black only in three sizes.

Additional accessories sold separately: Cup Holder


Key Features

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Tool-free kit to adjust the brakes
  • Brakes can push down to lock when sitting
  • Folds sideways
  • Nylon bag
  • Waterproof seat
  • Cane holder

Medium Rollator Dimensions

  • Overall Height: 83.5cm – 96cm
  • Overall Width: 60cm
  • Overall Length: 68cm
  • Seat Depth: 22cm
  • Seat Height: 52cm
  • Folded Width: 26cm
  • Product Weight: 6.63kg

Peakcare Taima Walker

The Peak Care Taima Rollator With Cross Bar has a lightweight aluminium frame and it is foldable for easier storage and transport. It comes with a cane/ walking stick holder and a removable mesh bag and it has curb climbing assistance. The Taima rollator has soft touch brakes and height-adjustable grip handles. This rollator is available within two different sizes.

Height: 76 – 86cm and 81 – 95cm
Seat Height: 51cm and 59cm
Seat Width: 39cm and 44cm
Length: 63cm and 67cm
Width: 58cm and 63cm
Width folded: 22cm
Max user weight: 150kg
Tyre Dimensions: 20 x 3.5cm

Mesh bag approximate weight capacity: 5kg

Weight: 6.5kgs