Coccyx support

Diffuser coccyx cushion

The Diffuser cushion reduces pressure on your coccyx & tailbone through the forgiving properties of memory foam. Help alleviate tailbone pain with this quality seat cushion.

Provides pain relief for a bruised tailbone, coccyx pain or tail bone soreness. Orthopedically designed to reduce pressure on the coccyx or tail bone.

Coccyx Wedge cushion-

The wedge offers pressure relief on a bruised coccyx & tailbone. It helps to alleviate tailbone pain with this quality seat wedge and reduces tailbone pain during pregnancy.

The ergonomically designed orthopaedic cushion that distributes weight evenly and encourages correct pelvic tilt to reduce pressure on the lumbar discs. Relieves painful tailbone pressure.

Peakcare coccyx/prostate cushion

This memory foam cushion can help to relieve pressure in the sensitive prostate area. It is versatile and can be used on the sofa, chair or in the car.

Peak Care Coccyx cushion

Peak Care Cushion Coccyx 44 x 36 x 7cm

Memory Foam with removable cover reduces pressure on the coccyx tailbone and hip bones while sitting

Peakcare wedge with cutout cushion

Wedge shape support foam with Coccyx cut-out

Wipeable cover

Relieves pressure on tailbone and spine

Keyhole Wedge cushion

Keyhole Wedge Angled Pressure Cushion

Relieves the pressure and the pain – An angled chair cushion with a symmetrical aperture

Specially designed to relieve post-natal discomfort or post-operative pain, the discomfort of hemorrhoids, the pain from a sore or bruised coccyx or tailbone
and other painful conditions which involve this sensitive area

Coccyx cushion

Soft open cell foam cushion

Cutout area at rear assists pressure relief on tail bone (coccyx).  Removable zippered cotton cover

Width: 390mm – Depth: 400mm – Height: 70mm

Max User Weight: 100kg

Pressure Care Guide – Comfort – Ideal for clients who have no risk of pressure issues, requiring comfort only