Bowlers Ferrules

A flat rubber base that is fitted to walking sticks which aids the stick in standing upright as well as being able to be used on bowling greens. Various diameters are available depending on the style of stick used.

Replacement rubber tips

A large range of replacement tips or Ferrules are available to suit most walking sticks or crutches. The right one will be dependent on the tube diameter of the stick. Should you need a replacement please bring your stick into our showroom and we will fit a new ferrule for you. This is essential for wooden sticks as they are not a standard diameter.

Walking Stick seat

Canvas seat stick- folding. User weight capacity 80kg

Switch Seat Stick

The Walking Stick Switch Sticks is made of lightweight aluminium.

It folds flat and is 87cm tall when folded. It does not adjust in height and is typically used by someone 150-175cm.

Three legs provide greater stability and come with rubber tips

The handle is a durable plastic with ergonomic shape.

The seat shaft is made of high-grade lightweight, yet ultra-strong, aluminium alloy. Maximum user weight 100kg.

Walking Stick seat

The Walking Stick Seat is a lightweight aluminium walking stick that has a built-in plastic seat. Designed for use on flat, hard surface for good sitting balance. Seat Height 55cm, seat dimension 19cm x 19cm. Maximum user weight 100kg

The Frog Walking Stick Holder

The Frog Walking Stick Holder has a spring-loaded plastic holder that clamps onto the walking stick. It enables the walking stick to be held upright on the table edge.

Foam pad assists surface grip. Easily fitted to and removed from most walking sticks.

Airgo Quad Pod

 The Hugo Quad Pod is an ultra-stable cane tip for use on most walking sticks.
The Pod is 54% lighter when compared to a regular quad stick without the bulk.
The Quad Pod allows the cane to stand upright.

Wrist Strap for Walking Sticks

Can be added to most walking sticks by removing rubber ferrule and sliding up stick towards handle.

Kyda Sheepskin underarm crutch covers

Kyda Sheepskin Crutch Covers our cut from our dense but soft Medical Grade skins.

They provide comfort for your underarms by cushioning you from the crutch rest.

Simple fasten to the crutch with the velcro tab. They are sold in pairs.

Washable and available in the standard RT60 skin (Gold or Ivory) or the Green HT80 skin.