Walking stick tips

Various styles and sizes are available. Please bring your walking stick into store and we will fit your new rubbers while you wait.

Bowlers Ferrule

For walking stick or crutch use on bowling greens

Prevents damage to bowling green surface

Increases stick or crutch tip surface area and stability

Wide flexible 125mm base contours to surface area

Size: 16mm, 18 &22mm

Type: Walking Stick

Rubber tips

Spare Rubber Tip – 19mm Black. Replacement spare black 19mm walking stick tip. Other sizes available

Flexy Foot Cane Tip - 16mm

Flexyfoot is a walking stick ferrule that you can either add to your own stick or buy as part of a new Flexyfoot stick.

Unlike the fitted rubber feet or stoppers that normally come with walking sticks, the Flexyfoot ferrule is long lasting, providing a safer grip through its innovative tread and flexible ‘bellows’.

This means the rubber tip remains constantly in contact with the ground as you are moving, even if you are twisting or on wet, or uneven ground.

Flexyfoot 19mm Walking Stick Tip

19mm is suitable for most walking sticks